Posted by: wendywerner | October 23, 2009

The Benefits of Socializing

Yesterday I had a greater than usual number of social events to attend; including two receptions.  Both events, one held at a bank, and another at a law firm were extremely well attended and were notable for how long people stayed and how engaged everyone seemed to be with one another.  Today I talked to one of the members of one of the hosting organizations, and she reported that guests were still hanging around at her business at 9:00 for a reception that had started at 5:00. 

What struck me is how hungry people are to get out and talk to business colleagues, and to meet new people.  Many people that I talk to these days are feeling very ‘hunkered down’ at work.   Entrepreneurs that I talk to are concerned about the impact of the economy on their businesses, and many lawyers that I talk to – even if they aren’t billing the whole time they are at work are afraid to be out of the office in case they might not be seen as serious enough about their work.  In general people seem pretty down trodden by this economy, and  going out to a happy hour might seem frivolous.  But showing up at an open house at a client location – or somewhere where you might meet others – that seems like a different thing altogether.

The other thing that I noticed at last night’s events was a general sense of generosity on display between parties meeting each other for the first time, or people running into old friends.  There seemed to be a strong interest  between parties for what others might be going through, and I noticed more of the exchange of business cards and professional information than I might have seen a few years ago.  People looked to be happy to be out and with each other. 

The timing was good too.  In general it seems that holiday events are jammed in with so many obligations that people make a token appearance and get on with the rest of their activities.  But these events came during a time of relative quiet.  The message to me was to get out more.  It was good to see some people that I run into fairly infrequently, and to meet some new folks.  And it never hurts to have a good time.



  1. Love it. I’m so glad you’re doing this.

  2. I love this, too. Your powers of observation are always a treat. I always admired your eyes. You put them to great use.

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