Posted by: wendywerner | March 16, 2011

Get Linked

While there are 500 million users on Facebook, and only 90 million on LinkedIn, it is much more likely to get you to a job than its more social counterpart.  Today I recommended a recent college graduate use it to start building a professional network.  If you have an account, it is likely that it is the first thing that will show up when someone looks for you on Google. 

Take the time to create a complete profile, including adding a photograph. When you are trying to reconnect with college or professional contacts from long ago, the visual representation helps jog people’s memories.  Your profile can also become your on-line resume, so think about it in those terms.  In addition, you can add groups of which you are a member, and seek and offer recommendations to others.  It can help build credibility. 

But the amazing part about it is the  “Kevin Bacon” like degrees of separation that you will soon discover as you populate your account.  It doesn’t take long to be secondarily connected to literally thousands of people.  If you are looking for a job, a new client, or a referral, the robustness of the site will become clear.  I have heard stories of people going to a networking lunch armed with the names of five of their friends’ LinkedIn contacts to learn more about them, and possibly get a referral.  It is a much better way to ask for assistance than going to a meeting and simply asking for referrals.  It helps the other person to really be of assistance.


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