Posted by: wendywerner | June 6, 2013

Resume to follow

Many people in the job search process today are concerned primarily with how their resume looks as they get started looking for a position. I agree – it is important, but if I have learned anything through this economic downturn it is that face-to-face contact, and getting in front of people is still (and always has been) the best way to conduct a job search.

I hear constant concerns about how the job search has become all about posting resumes to employer sites, but I while I know that you have to follow the ‘rules’ of the employer, in the end you can often backload that process once you have found out more about the position through a process of learning about the organization.  If you spend more time building your network you may find that a position that you thought you were interested in isn’t a good fit, and one that you hadn’t considered at all might be something that makes more sense for your background and experience.  And once you have entered into the process, you want to continue to be an active participant in your own candidacy.

I heard a terrific story last week from a job hunter that illustrates how much that can be gained by engaging your allies in the search process. It was a highly sought after position. This candidate made the cut to the top five and then was told she was no longer being considered. Rather than accepting the rejection – she rallied her supporters and had them contact the employer on her behalf. And yes, she was put back into consideration. And yes she was subsequently hired. There is nothing that you can do in a pure internet job search that would create such an outcome.

Part of the reason this candidate was able to get back into consideration is because of what she had learned about the job during the interview process and while meeting with her network throughout the process.  And it was also because of her robust network that she had people who were both able and willing to call on her behalf.  It was a bold move – and it paid off.   So as you get started remember to engage those who can be of assistance – and use your resume to follow.


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